We Are the Bridge

We are that step in between your mind and where your financial advisor wants to take you. We organize your financial life according to the goals you have set in place for you.  Allow us to be your accountability partner to  help you in your transition to financial peace. Simply put, we are the bridge to help you get out of your financial situation to your financial destination. 

Our Mission Statement

We teach personalized money management skills to families, teens, and young professionals, and empower them to make informed financial decisions. We empower and equip our families with the tools, confidence, and knowledge to make their financial vision a reality. Connect with us today.

Meet Your Financial Strategist


Kiwana Thomas, CFEI

Kiwana Thomas is a wife, mother of 4, a business owner, a personal finance speaker, a Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber Ambassador, and a certified financial education instructor.  Helping others become financially successful is her deepest passion.  She is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a bachelors of science in Business Finance and Business Management.  Before starting her business in 2012, she served at Marriott as an auditor, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car as an accountant, and a financial advisor at MetLife in the financial services industry. Early in her business finance career she found her passion to help families with estate, financial, and retirement planning.


Why Help Others

In 2012 out of frustration of the lack of financial literacy in her community, she started her business.  Her personal mission is to see people become more financially literate to not fall prey to predatory lending, and to see them financially free to complete their God given destiny.  

When you speak with Kiwana, you immediately notice her passion and desire to see people become the best version.  Whether it is workshops she gives to veterans, teens, or adults, she makes sure the information is broken down to a level you can understand.  She truly has a heart for financial education.


What She Does

She gives families financial peace and confidence.  She sits with you in your financial situation and helps you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It may be a long road but Kiwana is there with you through every phone call and action that needs to be taken to help get you to your financial destination. 

 It is the biggest honor for her to become the CFO of her clients home.  She teaches, coaches and holds families accountable to their own financial vision.  

 She has been extremely successful with helping families plan for everything and turn their savings completely around.  


Her Financial Testimony of the Program

My husband and I have both been put through the wringer with our finances and God put us through what we now called the Stewardship Program.  In 2010 we looked up and we were bleeding out money.  We were not able to save anything and we would use credit cards for gas and food because we could only afford the minimal payment every month.  So I prayed to God and the next day I started putting together a debt repayment program in Excel that showed us a 5 year payoff plan.  What was supposed to take five years, God turned it around and we became debt free in two years. During our two years on our financial journey, we were able to tackle our debt and living expenses on only one income and no tax refund check.  Also during this process, my husband's credit score went from 300 to 676 in the first 6 months, and God showed us how to become debt free and continue to live that way.  During this time we tithed when we were upside down, and what we thought was a setback was a complete set up for God to show us a new way of living financially free.  Now I can say that because we continue to be faithful to the program, we no longer pay interest on our credit cards.  We are able to save our entire tax return for investing or family activities.  I do not have to wake up worried about whether certain bills were paid on time.  We keep excellent credit scores and absolutely no one runs our credit without us asking the "right" questions.  By managing our finances the correct way our wallet is no longer open to the vulnerability of others.  I am truly thankful to God for all of our testimonies and I knew at this time God was calling us to help others by way of our testimony and strategies.  I believe that we had to go through this program first before we could help others, so we could connect with others no matter where they start. 

Our Partners