Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford the service?

We strongly believe you can.  The first consult is always free and no pressure to do anything.   If you decide to commit to the program then we can move forward.  If not, you can still receive a spending plan for the month.  We believe it is a win-win scenario. No one who meets us leaves empty handed, and that fulfills God's Vision for the program.  James 2:15-16.

Do I have to be local to receive services?

You do not have to be local to receive services.  Contact us today for your needs.

Do I have to have a computer?

A laptop is ideal for the classes, however a tablet device can be used as well.

How long are the courses?

We recommend you follow the program for at least a year to be able to make a bold comparison.  You will notice some immediate changes but we are helping you form a habit of always looking at your finances. 

What ages do you teach?

Currently we start mentoring at age 16 to help teens make the right financial choices.  We do have seminars or workshops that may cater to the younger generation. 

What do I need to get started?

Your passion for financial change.  Many of us were thrown into the financial decision world without practicing the basics.  Let us help you today.